Single Review: “Sabre” by Justin Luke

Justin Luke is a talented British music dynamo who has slowly built up a reputation for crafting tracks which transform listening experience into a musical journey coupled with big emotion and passion. “Sabre”, an electro house track released in collaboration with DIEM Records, is the latest single from this talented British artist. This track will help Justin cement his place in the industry and will help him to become a rather reliable ‘hit machine’.

“Sabre” brims with energy, mainly due to the way sounds slice the edges and the track progresses forward. The result is an electro house track that will rock the dance floors everywhere it goes.

“Sabre” has everything that you’d want to listen in an EDM track. In fact, many music fans and critics who have commented on the early preview have said that the originality and build up is so good that even Steve Aoki will have some words of praise. The track builds up as a catchy melody initially but soon picks up speed before turning into an uplifting progressive drop.

If you want to listen to “Sabre” by Justin Luke, you can enjoy free download for a limited time, thanks to DIEM Records.

Watch “Sabre” by Justin Luke on YouTube (Audio)

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz