Single Review: “Pushing Your Luck” by Tom Vek

Tom Vek has released his latest single “Pushing Your Luck” as a part of his third record. The track is already grabbing all the attention from Tom Vek’s fans and music critics, becoming the best single of the week for many music blogs.

If we look at Tom Vek’s previous work, we can safely say that his music has been mostly scattered and somewhat isolated. Tom first appeared on the mainstream music in the last decade with a super-debut track that was critically acclaimed throughout the music circles. Despite having such a fantastic debut, Tom Vek disappeared and came back after a hiatus of seven years. But that wasn’t going to be his comeback as expected as he disappeared again for three years only to return with “Pushing Your Luck”. Nevertheless, Tom Vek’s disappearance had some meaning to it as he gathered massive cult fan base and received his share of limelight with his contributions to TV, video games, and the radio time he has been getting for all those contributions.

The video for “Pushing Your Luck” is directed by Paxi. It showcases Tom Vek’s ability to play multiple instruments that may help him gather even more cult following. Watch the video below.

Watch “Pushing Your Luck” by Tom Vek on YouTube

Post Author: David Watt