Single Review: “I Got U” by Duke Dumont

Duke Dumont has a new single out and it is a summertime gift for music fans. “I Got U” is a summer smash from Duke Dumont that has already won many fans over. The track was releaesed at a perfect time as the winter is about to go away and all artists are putting up their submissions for the summer. Duke Dumont did a similar trick last year with his single “Need U 100%”. That track had a perfect timing apart from being very radio-friendly. The result was top position on the charts. This time around the acclaimed British producer has come up with another great summer smash just before the summer begins. Considering the fact that Duke Dumont hasn’t released an album in the past 12 months, this sounds like a perfect launchpad for his second album.

There is everything ‘summer’ in this track- you will hear steel drums and Balearic hooks coupled with other summer essentials. The track even includes a spin off of Whitney Houston’s famous hook from “My Love Is Your Love”. Although many producers won’t dare picking this track to sample a dance number out of it, Dumont knows the art of re-working. As a result, “I Got U” has everything that can catapult it to the top of the top charts.

Watch “I Got U” by Duke Dumont (official Video) on YouTube

Post Author: David Watt