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Single Review: “Grateful” by Rita Ora

Rita Ora’s new single “Grateful” is finally out. This track was originally scheduled for a release in the last week but for some unknown reasons its release was delayed. The single written by Diane Warren was released through Billboard.com. “Grateful” was recorded as a soundtrack for the upcoming feature film ‘Beyond the Lights’. “Beyond the Lights”, a romantic drama starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Nate Parker, will hit theaters on November 14.

“Grateful” by Rita Ora is a cheesy song that has an influence of Diane Warren all over it. Rita Ora sings the track with emotional feel that will help the movie take its audience with it but there is nothing more to the song. You will enjoy it when watching the movie but I don’t think you’re going to play it loud in your car more than a couple of times. Although there is no evidence that Rita Ora will be including this track in her new album but if she does it, it is not going to be anything beyond an album filler. Her fans will be hoping for absolutely no fillers in her upcoming album since everyone loves her music and wants it to be good. Nevertheless, venturing into movies as OST artist is something Rita had to explore as a budding artist.

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Post Author: David Watt