Single Review: “Good Lovin” by Ludacris Featuring Miguel

Ludacris was away from music for a while but he is now back to where he belongs. To announce his comeback he dropped a preview of his new single on Instagram which went viral right away. The new single titled “Good Lovin” is radio-friendly and become worth listening due to the additional hooks done by Miguel.

“Good Lovin” is produced by Da Internz. The track will become leading single for Ludacris’ new album titled “Burning Bridges” that will be out this December. Ludacris has timed it perfectly with Furious 7 releasing just around. Probably this will help him get some attention.

Miguel, who has written the track and added a smooth hook, is pretty excited about the song. He even joked about it saying that he wanted to keep the track because of it being so special.

Fans believe that “Good Lovin” will definitely help Ludacris get back to hip-hop mainstream radio among the elite but only time will tell if Ludacris can keep his focus on music only. Even if he does so, there are chances that fans may not approve of his radio-friendly music since they are so used to street-ready material from him.

Watch “Good Lovin” by Ludacris Ft. Miguel

Post Author: David Watt