Sia’s New Song “The Day That You Moved On” Is Our New Favorite Now

“The Day That You Moved On” is a superb and most happening number of this month. Released on November, 10th 2017, the song has made it to the top charts in just 2 days. There is nothing so surprising about this because this epic number is sung none other than the queen of music Sia herself.

Queen Sia has been featured by the epic production team TQX to release the debut single “The Day That You Moved On”.

“The Day That You Moved On” Is All About Love And Breakups

TXQ productions have said about this Sia’s number that:

This song speaks of the pain of breakup but also of the realization that technology can rob us of relationships, real life and the present moment. The unfolding reality of advancing technology is something that needs to be commented on and so we are using our songs to speak our piece.

This song is a part of Sia’s upcoming long album that is being much anticipated by her fans all over the world.

We hope you guys will enjoy this hot new song of Sia as the rest of the world is. The music video for this song is also quite interesting and attention-grabbing.

Post Author: David Watt