Nick jonas,Robin Schulz-RIght Now

Nick Jonas and Robin Schulz : Single, “Right Now”. Is It About Priyanka Chopra?

Nick Jonas and priyanka chopra have just got engaged and will by marrying soon. After a few days of their engagement Nicki Jonas and Robin Schuluz have come up with a new single “Right Now”.

It has been rumors saying that this new romantic song of Nick Jonas is about his Fiancee, Priyanka. I am not sure though, but I too think the same.

Right Now is an EDM number. In this lovely and romantic song, Nick sings about missing his girl and wants her to come back so he could kiss her lovely body. Nick utters soft vocals which make the song more romantic. The music video to this fantastic track will be coming soon.

I think this new single “Right now” can be a good choice for you to sing for your partner. LOL! By the way Nick has done great by expressing his love to her newly engaged girl, Priyanka. You will find Nick singing lyrics like, “You are my water, my sun, my moon and stars… Your heart is all i need… It start when you come …. I want to be where you are, where you are”.

Listen To Nick Jonas & Robin Schuz New Single “Right now”

Post Author: David Watt