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New Single Review: “That Way” by Conor Maynard & SDJM {Review + Stream}

SDJM have collaborated with Conor Maynard for their new single “That Way”. The duo enjoyed success with their 2017 single “The Heat” and now they have released another song to mark the beginning of 2018, which also sounds like a surefire hit.

The duo sampled the Backstreet Boy’s “I Want It That Way” and put a fresh and new spin on it. It’s really more than the nostalgia as the reworked version is likely to help the iconic song find its fans in the new century. I’m sure BSB fans would totally approve this version and use it to introduce everyone to their favorite boyband from the ’90s. It’s that good a song with ‘success’ written all over it.

While talking about this song, the production duo SDJM told the press that they were huge fans of boybands from ’90s as they grow up listening to those bands. The Backstreet Boys were one of their favorite bands – a band that gave us numerous iconic singles. “We were able to evolve that sound”, said the duo while explaining why they decided to pick up this particular hit from their favorite boyband. Conor Maynard is perfect as the singer as he powerfully delivers the perfect modern vocals for the reworked version of the song.

This song has the potential to become a massive hit for SDJM and Conor. But could it help the production duo enjoy the kind of fame BSB did with this song back in 1999? I’m sure BSB fans will help SDJM push this song through and once general audience listens to it, it’s going to give them ’90s vibes with various modern layers. Does that sound ‘catchy’? Give it a listen below and decide for yourself.

Listen to “That Way” by Conor Maynard and SDJM

Post Author: David Watt