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Single Review: “Good Morning” by Max Frost

Max Frost has released a new single titled “Good Morning”. It’s an exciting track that has a gospel choir in it. Hear it once and you’d definitely want to put it on repeat. It has some Justin Timberlake vibes in it as well. So give it a try and I’m sure you will fall in love with “Good Morning”.

In this new single “Good Morning”, Max Frost sings “The rest of my life gon’ start today – Good Morning”. It’s a perfect start to your day – a great way to cherish the new morning and the changes that every new day brings. Welcome your today with this song and you will have a great day ahead. This optimistic ballad is for everyone who need a little uplifting beat in the morning to get things going the right way. Give it a listen and you will have a good mood for the rest of the day.

“Good Morning” is also the official new song for “Bubly”, which is Pepsi’s new sparkling water brand. The brand will launch soon with this track serving as its anthem. I’m sure this track will help Pepsi generate the perfect ‘bubly’ and sparkling mood when people look at the new commercial.

“Good Morning” not only cheers us up with its music, it also brings good news that Max Frost has a lot of exciting material to present in his debut album. The album will come out in the summer via Atlantic Records. If you like this song, I’m sure you will be waiting for the full-length album. Listen to “Good Morning” below and cheer up your mood.

Listen to “Good Morning” by Max Frost

Post Author: David Watt