Single Review: “FU” by Icona Pop

Icona Pop has released a new single titled “FU”. This is the same song that you might have already heard on Samsung 360 Experience concert. The band performed this track on the concert last year but didn’t release the full studio version of the song until now. They have now given us the full and high quality studio version. The song is available on SoundCloud.

This new single titled “FU” is a typical Icona Pop single that has a lot of energy. This garage pop song is about a man who thinks he is the king of the world. Because of that kind of mind condition, he wants to make out with anyone he finds beautiful. Now he is trying to get these Swedish band girls who don’t think like other girls. They don’t think this person is king of the world. That’s when they tell the guy to “F.U” and that’s where the song names from from. The song is predominantly about the female power but it’s also about telling someone “FU” when it’s the time. It’s about being that strong and having that kind of courage to spell out these words when situation demands.

The song “FU” will appear on the band’s upcoming album. This will be their second international album and it might drop anytime during the last quarter of this year. The album will be distributed by Ten Music and Atlantic Records jointly. You can listen to this single below.

Listen to “F.U” by Icona Pop

Post Author: David Watt