New Single Review: “Find You” by Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas has premiered a new single and it’s simply awesome. You can stream this song on Spotify and other online streaming services. The new single “Find You” is the official second single from Nick’s upcoming album. It will be his fourth solo album and you can expect to have it in stores before 2018. Island Records will release this album.

The new Nick Jonas single “Find You” is a soothing synth-pop production that has everything to make it a radio-friendly hit for Nick. I’m sure you will be hearing it everywhere on the radio starting today. I can also anticipate this song getting a lot of remixes. It’s got that special potential.

The song is about the journey that everyone goes through in their life. It’s about finding love in life. It’s the kind of thing we all go through and that’s what Nick wants to explain from his perspective. It’s something most people run away from but they ultimately want to have it. It’s love and that’s what Nick is talking about in this awesome new single. Give it a listen below.

Listen to “Find You” by Nick Jonas

Post Author: David Watt