Becky and the birds

New Single Review: “Do U Miss Me” By Becky And The Birds

Thea Gustafsson, known as Becky And The Birds has recently signed a new deal with 4AD and the fruits of this new deal have riped straight away with the new single “Do You Miss Me.” We earlier heard the young artist back in 2018 when she came out with a mesmerizing single “Holding On.” It was this single that introduced her to the world and we all knew she will have a lot more music in her to bless our ears.

The new single “Do You Miss Me” is a beautiful track where Becky And The Birds expresses her thought stream. The conscious stream is focused on an ex-boyfriend and it’s extremely relatable. It’s something that runs through everyone’s mind while we are drunk or when having a laid back moment in life. The lyrics “I miss you when you’re not here with me” are dope.

The song begins as a beautiful thought but then her thought grows into complexity as she starts asking questions from her ex-boyfriend. She asks about how she feels now and admits that she still loves her. She wishes he still thinks about how they were together. The production is beautiful with Swedish influences. Listen to “Do U Miss Me” below.

Listen To “Do U Miss Me” By Becky And The Birds

Post Author: David Watt