New Single Review: “Babe” by Sugarland & Taylor Swift [Review + STREAM]

Sugarland have combined with Taylor Swift for their first single from their upcoming new album. It’s a HUGE album because it’s the Country pop duo’s first album since 2010. That’s 8 years and it’s a lot of time without hearing something new form Sugarland. Now with this song coming out, we all expected it to be huge. Since it’s a collaboration with Taylor Swift, I’m sure it turns out to be as huge as fans expected.

The new song is called “Babe”. Taylor Swift not only featured artist on the song with the band but she also co-wrote it. This mid-tempo song is about an unfaithful man who is terrible at everything. But still, his girl has forgiven everything – every mistake that he made and every time he broke her heart. She simply ignored and forgot and moved on. However, there is one thing she can’t ignore and that’s being unfaithful. Being a cheater is beyond Jennifer Nettles, who sings over a mid-tempo production. She can’t forget and forgive now. She is done and she wants to say goodbye.

If you thought you were going to hear Taylor sing the song instead of Jennifer or maybe you thought she could come in and do a few verses as in any other collaboration, you are here for total disappointment. Taylor didn’t sing even a single verse in this song. Her total participation is limited to libs and background vocals.

Does that seem fair to put Taylor’s name in the song and then not have her singing in it? I think it’s bizarre and odd. You never do that for someone like Taylor Swift. She’s got a lot of fans and they will hit ‘play’ instantly when the see her name in the song title. When they don’t hear her singing, they are simply going to push ‘dislike’. That can’t be good for Sugarland. Any way, the song deserves a chance. Give it a listen below.

Listen to “Babe” by The Sungarland Featuring Taylor Swift

Post Author: David Watt