Watch Single: “Flame” by Tinashe

Tinashe has premiered a new single titled “Flame”. This new single sounded like a dark gloomy electro-anthem when Tinashe premiered a snippet of this song but now it sounds like a totally different song. Some fans might not like this song because it’s not what they typically expect, but it’s a good song that floats nicely between two genres even if it annoys some fans.

This is the first song that Tinashe has released since November when she released Nightride album. We’ve been waiting desperately for a new single and this one doesn’t disappoint. The song is about exploring that hidden talent. It’s a medium tempo song with synthesizers beating heavily behind.

The song is about the creative spark that puts Tinashe on a quest to explore new dimensions and see what boundless truly means. She talks from the perspective of a lover who is worried because she is expecting the worse.  You can listen to the full song below. Don’t forget to leave your comments about how you feel about Tinashe’s way of representing duality and boundlessness.

Listen to “Flame” by Tinashe

Post Author: David Watt