Single – “Fade Out” by Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara made an announcement about the inclusion of their song in the upcoming Hollywood flick The Intervention last month. Now it’s time to listen to that song as the sisters have finally released the track in  full, coupled with a music video for the song. The track is titled “Fade Out”.

This new synth-pop number “Fade Out” is about fixing things for others so that everyone will live a better life. The problem is that the girl (lead chatacter in the movie) is finding it difficult to manage her own life. She is finding it extremely difficult to keep her relationship healthy.

The movie will come out at the end of this week. It stars Natasha Lyonne and Alia Shawkat. You can listen to the track below. Don’t forget to watch the movie in a theater near you on August 26th. Click Play below to listen to this new song.

Listen to “Fade Out” by Tegan and Sara

Post Author: David Watt