New Music: “What Would You Do?” by Chris Brown

“What Would You Do?” is the new song from Chris Brown. Since all the eyes are on him right now, it seemed like a perfect time to release new music. We know, Chris always recognizes such situations and capitalizes them. This time, it was no exception as the Breezy Boy gave his audience new music while they were gossiping on his recent assault.

If you don’t know what’s causing so much hype about Chris Brown, it’s what he allegedly did to a woman last week. He took a deadly weapon to assault the woman. As a result, the Breezy Boy spent a night in jail. He paid $250,000 bail amount to get out of the jail and regain his freedom.

Since Chris has music in his soul, he couldn’t find a better way to forget about what happened in the jail and the day before that than releasing new music. This is his apology and clarifying statement for his fans. After all, this is the best way a singer can communicate with his audience. There is absolutely no need to go to the press and talk about the incident when you can say it all through music.

This new song titled “What Would You Do?” is a powerful emotional track that talks about being lonely. After listening to the track and keep a note of its release date, it seems safe to assume that Chris is having some tough time these days being alone.

As of now, Chris hasn’t made any announcement as to the future of this song. It could end being just a buzz single that Chris used for talking to his fans after the incident or it could the next single from his upcoming album. Only time will tell. Listen to the single below.

Listen to “What Would You Do?” by Chris Brown

Post Author: David Watt