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New Music Video Review: “Mad Hatter” by Melanie Martinez

Melaine Martinez has finally premiered the last music video from her 2015 debut album “Cry Baby”. The latest music video is “Mad Hatter”, which is the last song from this studio album that was missing an MV. Now Melaine has officially given us videos for all the songs in this album. Ain’t that awesome? We expect to hear a lot of good music from her in the future and we know that she will be doing videos for everything that gets the fan approval. That sounds like a lot of excitement.

“Mad Hatter” came out on YouTube yesterday. Although the song took almost 2 years to get a video, it’s still something fans would appreciate. After all, it didn’t seem fair to do videos for all the songs and leave only one song without a visual treatment. The good news is that Melaine decided to give us more of her with this video as she did everything from writing to directing the video herself. It seems we have the most talented pop artist at our hands. I’m really excited about her and would love to see her do more directional work, especially for her own future MVs.

While talking about this new music video, Melaine Martinez indicated how she used her stuffed toys to represent her friends in the video. They are like her real friends in life. Just like the toys in the video, her real friends have been always supporting her. Even when she faced the tough times, she always had her friends besides her, ensuring their help to get her out of trouble. Now that’s a great fortune to have friends like that and Melaine Martinez has got that. Watch the video below to see her friends and her story yourself.

Watch “Mad Hatter” by Melaine Martinez

Post Author: David Watt