Music: “Thunder In The Rain” by Kane Brown

Kane Brown has released a new single that seems like a big country hit. He originally previewed this single on Facebook a month ago.

Kane Brown is the new RCA Nashville-signee. He was noticed by fans when he released his Chapter 1 EP earlier this year. Now he is planning to release a full-length studio album with this label. After listening to his EP and his latest hit “Thunder In The Rain”, we can’t wait for his studio album to come out. The good news is that the single “Thunder In The Rain” is officially included singer’s upcoming debut studio album .

In this new hot single “Thunder In The Rain”, Kane sings about love and attraction. A couple is getting together and they are feeling the passion of attraction now. Kane is singing about their feelings and emotions. The song isn’t exactly a country single but it has dominant elements of pop. I think it’s more of a country-pop mix than a pure country song. But that doesn’t take anything away from the quality of the song. If RCA promotes the song properly, it’s definitely a crossover hit.

Now it’s time to listen to this new music. It’s beautiful and it says a lot about how one feels when being attracted to another. Click Play below to listen to the high quality stream.

Listen to “Thunder In The Rain” by Kane Brown

Post Author: David Watt