Music Review: “2U” by David Guetta and Justin Bieber

David Guetta has premiered his new song and it features none other than Justin Bieber. But however excited you feel, your excitement will wear off when you listen to their new collaboration “2U”. It sounds like ‘Cold Love” by Major Lazer and much like “Let Me Love You” by DJ Snake. It’s such a generic EDM beat that you would rarely find anything inspirational about this new EDM banger, even though it brings us two of the biggest stars together.

The song “2U” by David Guetta came out on Friday morning, just a day ago. It landed on all digital stores, as you could expect from these two hitmakers. David Guetta also released a lip-sync video with the song to make things more interesting – and he did succeed with it to some extent. However, my mind keeps reminding me of how generic this song sounds. This video features some top models from Victoria’s Secret so you definitely have something here even if you don’t like this generic EDM production.

Despite whatever I’ve been saying about the generic nature of this EDM banger, you might enjoy this song as everything else about the song is good. Forget about the other EDM bangers you heard on the similar production lines and you might actually like this song. Listen to it below and see if it succeeds in inspiring you.

“2U” by David Guetta and Justin Bieber

Post Author: David Watt