sevyn streeter D4L

New Music: another R&B Ballad “D4L” by Sevyn Steeter

Sevyn Streeter has released a new official single “D4L” from her fourth upcoming full-length studio album “Girl Disrupted.” The track is the official follow-up to the flawless “My Love For you” from the same album.

The lyrics are real catchy and so is the music. But, we are missing the best of Sevyn, I must say. I miss the days of “Call Me Crazy, But” that was a classy upbeat, sexy and sensual R&B for Ms. Streeter. She must do the flawless tracks just like the old days.

But we get it, you need to fill the spot and you can’t make all the tracks in the same flow for your whole album. Though, we don’t see the energetic and fierce Sevyn in this track.

“I can be yours, be your wife or your mistress, as long as I got you, baby, it ain’t no tripping, I’m down for life, down for life, down for life” sings the R&B Songstress for the guy she spotted in some club. She couldn’t resist his charms and willing to be a part of his life no matter what social relationship she can get with him. She’s not even concerned about his relationship status and would be “down for life” with him.

Just saying, she must not stay with the same direction next time as she has disappointed many fans with this track. We hope to see the old Sevyn in the upcoming tracks for her long-awaited album.

Listen: Sevyn Streeter’s “D4L”

Post Author: David Watt