New Music: “Dance Like We’re Making Love” by Ciara

Ciara is getting ready to release her new solo LP titled “Jackie”. The album will be out sometime this week. To help herself get some momentum going into the release, she released a new single from the album titled “Dance Like We’re Making Love” last week. The single is produced by Dr. Like and Cirkut. This ultra romantic tune will be sitting at number 4 in the album.

Ciara has already released a single before releasing “Dance Like We’re Making Love” from her upcoming album. Now this is her second single from this album, which has 11 tracks in total. The album has contributions in production department from Dr. Like, Harmony Samuels and few others. Due to all these credits and what we have heard from Ciara so far, it is quite obvious that her album will be getting a lot of attention initially.

Ciara sings “Your Body’s in sync to the beat of my heart” and “I can feel your nature rising while I whine on you”. The tracks sets up a perfect romantic bedroom scene where Ciara is asking her lover to dance as if they are making love. This super-charged track offers a lot of newness for Ciara fans, especially with her down-tempo single she released earlier from the album.

Listen to “Dance Like We’re Making Love” by Ciara

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz