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Festive Single: “With You This Christmas” By Why Don’t We

The boy band Why Don’t We don’t seem to be interested in releasing their LP any time soon. This festive season was a perfect chance for the band to give their fans the long-awaited album but instead, the band decided to release a new festive single. It’s titled “With You This Christmas” and it already sounds like a banger.

The new song “With You This Christmas” is their 11th release their year, which means they have given us a song every month so far. This new single has a very wintry feeling and it can easily fit into any festive playlist.

The track opens with “Remember last December when we kissed under the mistletoe.” The soulful festive track continues on the same theme as the singer reminds his girl of the sweet memories “I let you wear my favorite sweater, so you think of me when you’re alone.” After reminding her about the last Christmas, the vocalist talks about the reason he is reminding her about these memories “Can’t you see that I want you?” And then he tells her that all he wants it to be with her this Christmas.

Although many new songs have already arrived for the festive season, we can easily rate this track higher than others so far. It’s a great addition to the boy band’s LP and we are sure they will release it before the year ends. Fingers crossed. Listen to this new track “With You This Christmas” below.

Listen To “With You This Christmas” By Why Don’t We

Post Author: David Watt