Music Video: “What Do You Mean” by Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is back and he is already making headlines with his comeback single “What Do You Mean”. He released the audio last week and then went on to perform the single on VMAs. Finally, he has released a music video to accompany his single. Everything seems perfectly in place and well-planned. Justin Bieber has really thought about his comeback and planned it in the best possible way.

“What Do You Mean” is already playing on Top 40 radio across the U.S. – thanks to a deal that ensures his single is played on radio. Bieber has done everything right about this, from releasing the audio to his performance to releasing the music video.

The music video shows Justin Bieber playing a prank on his girlfriend, who has no idea about what is going on around her. Bieber and his friends kidnap the girl while wearing masks so that she can’t recognize them. After she is kidnapped, they take her to a special party, a surprise for her. The party is arranged on a warehouse, which seems being taken by some skaters. The music video may not be the perfect video you saw this year but still it’s a good video. The only thing that could have possibly improved was Bieber’s hair.

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Post Author: Asif Mumtaz