Music Video Review: “The Greatest” by They Might Be Giants

Are you tired of self-promoting music videos that have taken over the scene recently? If so, it’s time to dedicate a few minutes to They Might Be Giants’ “The Greatest” music video. It features Nick Offerman and I bet you’re going to fall in love with how this creepy video scares the s*** out of you.

They Might Be Giants premiered their new music video along with the resurrection of their “Dial-A-Song” service. This service, if you don’t know already, allows fans to dial a number to listen to a new song. The alternative rock band did this earlier and enjoyed a lot of success with the service. Now they are bringing it back in 2018. I’m sure the service will get noticed as they broke the news along with this new video, which is sure to attract a lot of attention.

The song “The Greatest” is taken from duo’s recent studio album titled “I Like Fun”. It’s band’s 20th studio album that hit the market only a couple of weeks earlier.

The music video for “The Greatest” is a creepy affair with former Parks and Recreations star Nick Offerman featuring as a voodoo doll. He is sitting in front of a sewing machine and working on a voodoo doll. This doll is his own doll as the video shows later when blood drips all over the old man when the doll is pricked with needles. You gotta watch this video unless you are already creeping out. Watch the MV below.

Watch “The Greatest” by They Might Be Giants

Post Author: David Watt