Music Video Review: “Sober” by G-Eazy and Charlie Puth

“Sober” is the new single by G-Eazy and Charlie Puth. It got much-deserved video treatment yesterday. You can watch the music video for “Sober” in this post after this quick review.

The music video is directed by Colin Tilley. In the video, you will see G-Eazy walking on the trash bags. They are everywhere and all you can see on your screen. The rapper has a very disturbing mood and you could see it on the screen. As the video progresses and G-Eazy keep walking among the trash bags, he eventually stumbles. What he finds is a strange building that doesn’t make any sense at all. Soon, the rapper realizes that it’s a portal that might allow him to travel in time. That’s when the real fun begins. He uses the portal and travels through time for rest of the video. During this time-travel journey, you will have the opportunity to know the rapper up close (symbolic as it represents life of an artist in general through different eras) as he shows us how he chugged beer even when he was on probation. During the 50s, you will see G-Eazy being a husband. He is totally disappointing as he is a cynical husband who would never find happiness. He then travels to 70s and finds himself in an orgy.

If you are wondering what Charlie did in the video, you gotta watch it yourself. I don’t want to reveal his part because I want you to watch the video. Why? Simply because it’s one of the better videos this year and totally deserves your attention. With this video out, I’m pretty confident that G-Eazy has another hit in the making. It’s a worthy follow-up to his previous chart-busting single “Him & I” with his real life girlfriend Halsey. Watch the music video for “Sober” below.

Watch Music Video “Sober” by G-Eazy and Charlie Puth

Post Author: David Watt