Music Video: “Cheater” by The Vamps

The Vamps have released a music video for their latest single “Cheater”. The music video was released on iTunes and later the video became available on VEVO as well. “Cheater” will be the first countdown single from the band’s upcoming studio album. This will be their second studio album and it will be titled “Wake Up”. The British band has already confirmed the album name and the release date. If you care, the album is going to hit stores in the last week of November.

The music video seems pretty low budget and it really doesn’t go anywhere in terms of production. The quality is as low as it can probably get and the music video itself has ‘CHEAP’ written all over it. But I guess it doesn’t matter as such because this is not an official single from the British band. This track is only a buzz single that the band wanted to put out in order to start gathering some momentum for their album release. Watch this low-budget MV below and let us know what you think of it.

Watch MV “Cheater” by The Vamps

Post Author: David Watt