Miles Kane single review – Inhaler

Miles Kane Inhaler – single review

inhaler single review miles kane

He’s nothing if not tenacious, Miles Kane.  After twice trying, and failing, to mastermind a musical career with bands from his native Wirral (Little Flames and then the Rascals) he kept at it and finally made a name for himself as Alex Turner’s Last Shadow Puppets sidekick.

Now, with Turner back to his day job working on a new Arctic Monkeys album,   Miles Kane has gone it alone with a solo album which, if this first single is anything to go by, promises to finally establish him as star in his own right.  Although it features a riff ripped straight from an old Music Machine song (something Kane openly admits to), is heavily influenced by John Lennon (again, something Kane is not shy about admitting) and a chorus that began life as an in-joke about his asthma, Inhaler is a soulful, energetic and distinctive slice of rock and pop.  In fact, Inhaler is exactly the kind of honest, balls-out rock and roll song that has been in short supply recently.

There’s definitely a wide open space for a proper rock star to grow into, and who would bet against the tenacious and talented Miles Kane to fill it?

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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