Listen to “The Good Side” by Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan has premiered a new single and it’s a beautiful emotional ballad. “The Good Side” is a must-listen song that is just too beautiful to ignore.

If you haven’t cried in a while, maybe it’s time to give yourself an emotional kick. This is the song where you start it. It will definitely make you cry if you give it a chance. It’s that good.

“The Good Side” will appear on singer’s forthcoming second studio album. It’s planned for a release this Spring. Troye Sivan has announced plans to perform this new single on Saturday Night Live this Saturday. So if you like this song, don’t forget to turn on your TV this weekend.

It’s a calm banger that rides on acoustic tones. Troye’s vocals are perfect for the melody. I’m sure a lot of you are going to fall in love with this new single instantly.

Since it’s an acoustic ballad and earlier single from Troye’s upcoming album was an electronic banger, we can be sure that Troye Sivan is working on giving us a wonderful second studio album. I’m sure it will be an album that will show us a lot of different musical sides of the singer.

In this song “The Good Side”, you hear Troye Sivan telling us about his relationship. He explains how he moved on when it was time and how he learned all those things from those days. He is now with someone else. He wishes he could find his ex someday and tell her his ‘good’ feelings. It’s a cute way to say that you have moved on without holding any grudges back. Give it a listen below.

Listen to “The Good Side” by Troye Sivan

Post Author: David Watt