Listen To The Amazons’ New Song, “Mother”:

British rock band, “The Amazons” has come up again. They have shared a new song titled, “Mother”.

Mother follows up the Amazons’ their self-titled debut album and is their first music release after two years.

Mother will appear on the group’s upcoming album. The upcoming album is not given any title yet and the releasing dates are not announced. Stay tuned for the updates.

Mother comes with a real fine production of rock music. It possesses energetic vocals. I think the vocals actually saved this song. Enjoy!

Listen to the Amazons new song, “Mother”:

The British groups’ Frontman talked to the media about the song when he said, “In the age of social media we’re constantly told how to act, how to feel and how to think. This is a defiant song, challenging friends, gods and everyone in between”.

The Amazons will embark on a tour in UK from 7th of February to 13th of February. Click here to learn more about the tour details.

Post Author: David Watt