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Single review: Leah McFall feat. Will.I.Am – Home

The Voice runner-up Leah McFall releases her first single proper and collaborates with television show judge Will.I.Am.

With its retro and trumpet-heavy sound, and strong ‘Wizard of Oz’ theme, this isn’t a half bad track, showcasing McFall’s vocals well on its ballsy chorus, though overall ‘Home’ lacks that one solid hook that stops it from being drowned in Will.I.Am’s overpowering production. But it holds together until Mr Am appears as a guest on the record and adds very little to it.

I’m sure this single wouldn’t be here without the support of the BEP member but his production is too overpowering and his contribution pointless, only really shining in its stadium-chant moments and post-chorus quieter lapses.

Not a bad opening single, but would have clicked its heels better with a more stripped back approach.


Post Author: Philip Lickley

1 thought on “Single review: Leah McFall feat. Will.I.Am – Home


    (2014-07-28 - 2:41 pm)

    Not often you see the runners up of these TV shows so good on her! Great track too!

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