Lauren Jauregui seen with the veteran DJ Steve Aoki in the studio

Lauren Jauregui was seen hitting the studio with none other than the legend DJ Steve Aoki. Does that mean that Lauren is going to be the next club queen? Only time will tell.

Steve Aoki has already enjoyed major success while collaborating with Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. Now that he is seen in the studio with Lauren Jauregui of Fifth Harmony, people have started thinking that Aoki has something to do with boy/girl bands. But it might just be a coincidence.

Steve Aoki seems to be really excited about collaborating with Lauren as he shared studio pictures from the session with Lauren on Instagram. Under these pictures, he put the caption “So excited”. So, we could expect something major to come this year from both.

Lauren, who has recently collaborated with Marian Hill and The Rascals, enjoys working with artists outside her girl band. But that doesn’t mean she is planning to leave the band anyway. The band recently signed a new contract with their label.

Post Author: David Watt