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Is Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ actually any good?

With all the hoohah over the past week about Daft Punk’s new single ‘Get Lucky’, the actual issue of whether the song is any good or not has kind of been overlooked. But seeing as this is the first taste of Daft Punk’s first proper album in 8 years, ‘Get Lucky’ is a big deal – made even more so by the intriguing presence of disco legend Nile Rodgers.

If you somehow haven’t heard ‘Get Lucky’ yet, or want to give it another spin, here’s the official ‘radio edit’:

So, what’s the verdict? For me, it’s a tad disappointing. The disco guitar riff from Nile Rodgers is admittedly brilliant, recalling his legendary work with Sister Sledge, and the bassline is nice and funky. Overall the track comes across as an elegant and very well made slice of slinky disco. But it’s not groundbreaking is it? It’s actually a bit flat, and Pharrell’s voice is so far up in the mix that the cool disco riff plays second fiddle to his smooth, but very ‘MOR’, vocal line. The more I’ve listened to it, though, the more the chorus of ‘were up all night to get lucky’ has wormed it’s way into my head, so at least it ticks the ‘catchy’ box.

Pointing their robot heads back to the disco and house scenes that inspired dance music feels like the kind of thing Daft Punk should be doing, rather than joining the current rank of boring EDM pushers. But flat, MOR disco from Daft Punk is just a tiny bit disappointing. Still, it’s only one track – and it’s not terrible – so I’m willing to cut them some slack and wait for the album to arrive before making any quick judgements.

Daft Punk’s new album Random Access Memories is out on 20 May.

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