Iggy Azalea Previews Snippets Of The Lead Single From Her Upcoming Album

Iggy Azalea is back with previews and news and a lot of other gossip about her upcoming studio album. This time she means some real business as she is willing to give out as much as much you dare knowing.

She has started promoting her upcoming studio album titled “Digital Distortions”. Her first promotion is to preview snippets of new singles from the album, including a snippet for the lead single “Team”. You can listen to this snippet towards the end of this post. She also shared another single titled “Zillion”. For now, we are not sure whether “Zillion” will be included in the new album or go down to its release date in January as a buzz single only. You can also listen to this snippet as we have included the embed in the end.

Iggy gave out all this information and shared snippets while Tweeting during a Twitter interview. She also talked about the release date of her new album indicating that her album might not come out until April although she wishes for a February or March release.

According to what she said on Twitter, there is going to be a lot of content coming out from the Australian rapper in January. This may not include the full version of her lead single but Iggy will be giving out buzz singles, videos and a lot more. So if you are an Iggy fan, plan nothing during January and wait for Iggy to entertain you like never before.

Listen to a snippet of “Team” by Iggy Azalea

Listen to a snippet of Zillion by Iggy Azalea


Post Author: David Watt