Eminem’s “Revival” album opens at Number OneĀ 

Eminem has landed his eighth consecutive album at top of Billboard 200. Titled “Revival”, it has opened at number 1. This album debuted last week and went straight to the top of Billboard 200. It’s rapper’s latest LP and it has taken a lot of time to come out. His last album was in 2013, titled “The Marshall Mathers LP2”. His latest LP opened with 267,000 sales during its first week. Now that’s a super start that you could expect from the bombastic rapper.

Now that’s not just huge stats for Eminem, it’s also huge considering how other rappers performed this year. It’s the third best album for hip-hop this year. The only albums that have done better than Eminem’s this year are Damn by Kendrick Lamar and More Life by Drake.

Despite all this success, it’s not what Eminem has done before. He sold 792,000 copies of his album a few years back with his The Marshall Mathers LP2. Considering those stats, Eminem should have sold over 1000,000 copies this time. Nevertheless, it’s still the third best album this year and I’m sure that should provide enough motivation to Eminem to go on and do more music during 2018.

Post Author: David Watt