Nasty Cherry

Official MV: Nasty Cherry goes all Witchy and Goth in “What Do You Like In Me”

Charlie XCX unveiled her new favorite Music group “Nasty Cherry” earlier this year and released a spunky opener “Win”. That was a good song for punk lovers. The band is an English-American Hybrid and is on a good track to make it into the mainstream Music groups. The band consists of Deborah Knox-Hewson (Drummer), Georgia […]


New Music: “So Long” by Diplo Ft. Cameron Marvel (Cam) + The Official Music Video

Country Music hasn’t really always found its way in the hearts of people not belonging to Eastern North American States. Last year, Zedd and Maren Morris tried to change this feeling by releasing a concoction of Country and Electronic Dance music “The Middle”, which fans loved by the way. Diplo has something similar in mind. […]

Watch “Started” Music Video By Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea is making headlines with her comeback now as her single “Sally Walker” went viral and then its music video also did amazing for Iggy. Now she’s already teasing her new music video “Started” and have even released some photos on Instagram. We know Iggy loves visuals and she’s good with it. Starting from […]