All I Wanna Do - Splashh

When I featured new band Splashh in a New Music Roundup earlier this month, I wasn’t really able to include their new single ‘All I Wanna Do’ as it was only available on Spotify. They’ve released a video of it now though, so everyone can hear it in all...

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MGMT Alien Days

MGMT’s ‘experimental’ second album Congratulations kind of stopped their promising career in its tracks. Time will tell whether it was a wise choice for them to abandon the radio-friendly electro-pop of their debut for weirder psych-rock leanings, but new single ‘Alien Days’ is promising. Released today as part of...

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You & Me

With the success of the Sam Smith-featuring ‘Latch’ and the Aluna Francis featuring ‘White Noise‘, Disclosure are on something of a streak at the minute. The Lawrence brothers announced earlier this week that the next single from their upcoming debut album Settle will be ‘You & Me’ and will...

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