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Bobby Champs – ‘Moonlight’

Out February 20 on Pictures Music, the label responsible for releasing the likes of Dauwd, Rudi Zygadlo and Koreless in 2011, ‘Moonlight’ is the debut single from Brighton-based producer Bobby Champs.

A purveyor of powerful dance floor beats, Champs production philosophy is that if he can’t imagine people going nuts when a tune drops, he scraps it. So far, if the tube of Pringles I just crushed in my tiny hands due to techno dance spasms is anything to go by, this method certainly seems to be working. Although, to be honest, I tend to do that every time I watch Bear Grylls eat scorpions or drink brown water…which is about twice a day.

Appearing alongside title-track ‘Midnight’, a dark techno banger intensely coiled like a pissed off snake, is the deeper presence of ‘All Night’, a pulsing anthem tinged with hints of ’90s acid. Unveiled upon the announcement of Champs’ signing to Pictures, it’s been on loop in my head since first exposure and if I’m nodding when I’m talking to you, it’s not because I’m agreeing.

‘Lucid’ and a dub of ‘Moonlight’, both of which I am yet to hear, complete the release with – undoubtedly – further doses of potent techno that should only be enjoyed without a responsible adult present. I also recommend running with scissors and swimming immediately after devouring multiple cheeseburgers. This is irresponsibly infectious music and it deserves a reckless approach.

Incredibly, ‘Moonlight’ was released as a free download via Mixmag a couple of days ago, so you should grab it before your arms drop off and you’ve got no way of using your computer without a custom-made mouth pointer. You should probably also buy it.

Download ‘Moonlight’ from Mixmag here.

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