Listen To Song “Better” By DJ Khalid + Review

If you haven’t heard Khalid’s new song “Better”, then you haven’t possibly made the right start to your day. It’s the new banger by our favorite DJ and it’s the one that feels ‘better’ than anything else you’d hear today.

“Better” came out this Friday and has become a sensation among bloggers and fans equally. It’s a powerful anthem that makes you feel better. Isn’t that what we want from music? Make us feel good? It’s a song you can’t miss as it’s destined to hit Top 40 pretty soon. We wish Khalid promotes it properly and helps the song find its true place among the charts.

The new song “Better” has a composition that doesn’t exactly fall within Khalid’s genre and still he delivers this track like perfection. It’s a sign, rather a clear indication, that Khalid is versatile and he can easily work in different genres, without making a fool of himself. Give it a try below and you’d love it when you listen to “Better” by Khalid.

Listen to  New Song “Better” by DJ Khalid

Post Author: David Watt