Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas’ lesser known electro DJs

Las Vegas is mostly known as a home of gambling, but it has a rich musical tradition. Aside from the fact that Elvis Presley had an 837-show streak at the International and Las Vegas Hilton from 1969 to 1976, the Western Hemisphere’s gambling capital has been the spawning ground for a number of well-regarded acts […]


Watch Alicia Keys At Her Extremely Charming Self on Jimmy Fallon [Dominates the famous Whisper Challenger]

Alicia Keys was at Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night show on Thursday night. She showed up with some crazy energy and joyful mood. She played Fallon’s popular games and totally enjoyed every second she spent on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Apart from the games and challenges, she also talked about her son and her husband. She took part […]

Philips Largest 4K Screen

Video of the largest curved 4K screen in the world

With a diagonal of 40 inches, this Philips Brilliance monitor is the largest curved screen available on the market today. Music fans will experience extraordinary sensations with this new screen. On top of its diagonal of 40 inches, this Philips screen includes built-in speakers, which should convince music fans to adopt this innovative model. Also, […]

Spice Girls Wannabe

Wannabe by Spice Girls – an iconic video

Here is a piece of music history, with the video of ‘Wannabe’ by the iconic Spice Girls. Today is the 20th anniversary of the 1996 release of Wannabe. The most iconic girl power tracks ever produced is still good to listen and watch. With a jaw-dropping 94 million streams alone for their smash hit ‘Wannabe’ […]