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Album Review: Keyser Soze – ‘The Remedy’

Keyser Soze, an authentically original Reggae band with strong influences of jazz and soul, has recently released their album The Remedy. The sextet, consisting of members Jammal Tarkington (leading & backing vocals, saxophone), Rodney Teague (lead and backing vocals, trombone), Chris Williams (trumpet), Ryan Hall (guitar, electronics), Mike Mayhall (bass), and Jon Hall (drums), was formed in Reno Nevada in 1998. Keyser Soze, which is similar to The Burning Spear, The Aggrolites, The Wailers and Hepcat, has teamed up with Rocking Records (Europe) and Megalith Records (North America) to distribute their new album.

While the band will be touring throughout North America in 2013/2014, Keyser Soze has received accolades when opening for major headliners such as Michael Franti, The English Beat, The Wailers, The Aggrolites, Steel Pulse, and The Skatalites.

Their new full-length album The Remedy showcases their fun loving and feel good sound with colorful vocals and versatile instrumentation. Tracks like “The Remedy” from the album with the same title, is sure to lift anyone’s spirits as it will make you want to do the hula, while sipping on a Pina Colada. The lead male vocal on this track so magnificently reveals the dynamically commanding and raspy texture to his soothing voice.

One of the exciting aspects of this band is the switching between male and female vocals throughout the album. Arguably the best track on the album, “Catch Your Breath” features the jazzy/bluesy inspired vocals of Lauren Nagel (formerly of The Soul Captives) accompanied with a notably engaging sax section. While a female vocalist leads “Catch Your Breathe,” songs like “Do” and “Squeezin” have a male vocalist at the forefront. Each of these songs is strongly supported by exquisite brass instruments, which ultimately creates a lively experience. The album also offers profoundly inspiring lyrics on the adventures life offers and the beauty behind falling in love. It is evident when listening to each track that the band has a deep passion that seeps through an emotionally poignant vocal delivery.

The band’s all-around masterful musicianship really shows how profoundly connected the band is to the art and power of music. Here is the link to stream and/or purchase the album:


The Season
Catch Your Breath
Dance With Me
Firehouse Sound
Soul Ska
Dreidel Dub
Happy Ending
Harvest Dub

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