“Nobody Love” by Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly has released her new single titled “Nobody Love”. The track is simply awesome and that’s the reason so many music fans are already saying good things about Tori’s music talent. The track has been available on iTunes since earlier this month.

“Nobody Love” is a perfect song for any new artist to get recognition and Tori Kelly is getting all of that. With her stunning vocals and an amazing range, she is probably among the best new talents that we have heard this year so far. To make her talent count, she has released the perfect single. The track is written by Tori herself and Max Martin.

“Nobody Love” is a pop track but with a very different vibe. The moment you listen to this track, you will notice the throw-back feel that makes it such a unique song to listen. In fact, you won’t find anything so unique and refreshing playing on pop radio as of now.

When you listen to the track for the first time, you will instantly notice the bridge. Tori has a splashing voice that reminds us of Christina Aquilera’s vocal explosions that turn any song into worth listening. Tori has done the same in bridge. Surely Tori Kelly is on fire, hoping to make it big in music industry.

Watch “Nobody Love” by Tori Kelly – Official Video

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz